New Creative Group

Oct 1, 2017


Since its inception in 2014, Foundry’s aim has been to activate and empower creative communities, providing aspiring and established creatives a place to interact and champion their region.

In February 2018, Foundry will launch the Foundry Pathway.

Built in partnership with creative professionals from around Australia, this 2-year program provides an industry-ready pathway in one of 5 specialised creative fields.

As part of the Foundry Pathway, students will complete 3 nationally recognised accreditations:

  • The Wild (Certificate III in Design Fundamentals) will provide a foundation of skills and context across multiple creative disciplines, giving students the freedom to explore the creative landscape and make an informed choice regarding where their passion and skill set lies.
  • The Thinking Track (Associate Degree in Applied Design) covers the universal language of design present in all creative disciplines. This theory portion of the learning is designed to counter a ‘skills only’ shortfall currently being seen in graduates by the industry.
  • The Skills Track (Diploma in one of five specialist disciplines) is where students will apply their design theory and develop the industry-ready skills required to be employable at the completion of their course. Students can choose from one of five skills tracks; Graphic Design, Digital Media & UX, Film & Photography, Interior Design and Content Writing.

In order to ensure the course meets industry expectations for graduate outcomes:

  • All course content has been developed in conjunction with industry experts;
  • All tutors delivering content are currently practising professionally in that creative field;All assessments will take the form of real-world design briefs, often sourced from actual creative studios;
  • Foundry LIVE will provide students with 2 industry guest speaker events per term, giving access to over 40 leaders in the Australian creative scene throughout the course.

In addition to providing the best creative education offering in a regional setting, Foundry also wants to ensure the course is accessible. As such, Foundry will work with awarding partners to ensure students have access to available government subsidies, HECS-Help and VET Student Loans – making it as accessible as any other public university or TAFE course.