New Creative Group

Feb 1, 2021


Some Context Please, is an exciting new podcast from Foundry that takes a look behind the scenes of the creative industries.

Each season will focus on a different creative field with two leading creative professionals providing insight into how they do, what they do.

What makes this podcast extra unique is that it has been created as part of an actual course and as you listen you’ll be joining hundreds of students across Australia and the world as they find their way in the creative industries.

With this podcast Foundry aims to let you in on what is really being said and thought by the industry. This is a details look at how Foundry’s curriculum measures up to what’s really occurring out there and for those joining us from the outside world, just a peek behind the curtain of what it’s like to be a Foundry creative. These podcasts go alongside the students’ knowledge and theory lessons, their skill practice sessions, and their reflective exercises.

Foundry was designed to bridge the gap between education and industry, and this new podcast offering is just another way Foundry continues to facilitate that both for students, and the greater creative community.

You can find Some Context Please episodes here.