New Creative Group

Apr 16, 2018


Foundry LIVE for Term 1, 2018 took place at Foundry HQ in Launceston last week.

Foundry LIVE is where the Foundry team invite leaders in the industry from across Australia and the world, into the campus space to provide insight and context for students and the local creative community.

Last week’s event featured Australian design heavyweights: Andy Wright – Managing Director of Streamtime; Katie Hepper – Creative Director of The Understorey; Anita McArthur – Creative Director of SeeSaw; and Jim Antonopoulos – Director of Strategy at Tank.

Jim Antonopoulos
Director of Strategy and Owner of TANK

Jim is the author of The Strategy Masterclass and The Business of Creativity (an online journal for young and emerging talent, creative leaders and entrepreneurs). Jim’s worked with some of Australia’s pioneering organisations and leadership teams and is passionate about understanding how people interact with brands, culture and technology.

Vanessa Ward
Founder of Nomadism

Vanessa uses her expansive design and strategy skills and experience to help clients create meaningful brand experiences. Beginning in craft and materials and evolving into strategic design consultancy for businesses, Vanessa has worked globally from Shanghai and San Francisco, to currently residing in Australia where she continues her work.

Andry Wright
Managing Director of Streamtime

Andy has worked in the creative industry for many years, from running the local offices of global agencies like Interbrand and R/GA, he was also one of the original co-founders of For The People in Sydney. Andy has run successful and award-winning projects for GOMA, Australia Post, Telstra and Streamtime.

Anita Ryley
Joint Creative Director of Seesaw

Anita excels in all the commercial creative arts and has been recognised for the originality and artistry of her work. She has actively been involved in Australia’s creative and design industries, working with the Australian Graphic Design Association (AGDA) and as an awards judge.