New Creative Group

May 27, 2019


For The People are thrilled to share that they have received a graphite and two wood pencils at the D&AD awards this week for their work in building the identity for the West Coast of Tasmania. The West Coast Tas place branding was a very special project that has meant so much to everyone involved, from the entire FTP team and collaborators, to the council and local communities.

D&AD recognition is a tremendous accolade for the FTP team – arguably the most prestigious design award in the world. The Graphite was awarded in Branding, and the two Wood pencils were awarded for Writing for Design and Branding.

The West Coast Tasmania project was about building a more sustainable future for a remote region – one that will help to attract business investment, increase tourism, facilitate economic development, drive population growth, and encourage people to investigate beyond the more well-known parts of Tasmania.

FTP worked closely with the local communities and council, to build an open-source identity that captures the true spirit of the West Coast and provides the tools necessary for the region to express and communicate itself well into the future.